Monday, 15 February 2016

New Start

Following a couple of bad years at craft fairs and no sales at all from my web site I have had to have a rethink.

Firstly I have ditched my web site.
Secondly. Stopped using my WOWThankYou online shop ( decision made partially because no sales but also because my account was blocked most probably through lack of use).

My strategy is changing with more emphasis on one online shop.  And maybe doing 1 or 2 craft shows as I enjoy meeting customers and other crafters.

I have re-opened my Folksy Online shop (see the link on the right). I had a few sales when I used the shop a few years ago but I was distracted and the shop was neglected. However I have re-opened it  and am slowly adding my current stock and some brand new items.
What do you think of my latest makes Childrens Face Cloths crocheted in 100% Cotton?

Thursday, 24 July 2014

ReVamp of web site

I've spent a lot of time re-vamping my web site using all the new features here's the link please check it out and let me know what you think.

Now I can go back to thinking about my latest leather work project.  I need a new handbag so I've cut out all the pieces and tooled a rose on the leather. Now I have to add some metalwork  before I can sew together Could be a few weeks before I complete as I have a number of processes and no doubt I will find a few more problems before I can show you a picture.

Hope you are all enjoying the heatwave.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Long time no post -So here's an update

This is not a very well kept crafters diary but hey ho I couldn't keep a written  diary so I shouldn't be surprised.

I've been quite busy, been away for a few holidays (making up for previous year's lack). Whirlwind tour of some of Italy's beautiful places, A very enjoyable week in Jersey, swimming, kayaking, snorkelling, walking, cycling paddle boarding and splunking (hope I've got that right used to be called caving), then Matlock for courses at The Identity Store for some leatherwork (lovely people) followed by walking in the Dales then on up to York and a visit to Harlow Carr gardens (well worth a visit).

On the crafting front I've been crocheting hats scarves and snoods and playing with leather embossing and carving great fun. Here below are some of the results. 

Ooh almost forgot This is very late in the year but I'm at my first craft fair this year tomorrow in Lichfield for the Florette Festival held around the Cathederal. Looking forward to and hope to see a few people there. Please say hi.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Just a few things I've been making

Christmas Wreath made on a workshop morning at Whitley Court .
Cross between a Granny square lap blanket and quilted fleece

Elegant and unusual ring in copper and shell
Copper and blue crystals ring

Earrings Dragonballs add glitter and movement

Copper and Green crystals -very snake like

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Chilling Out

Sitting here sort of thinking that I should have been doing something this evening but having spent the day moving beds and furniture about in the hope of eventually getting a spare room to work in again maybe chilling out is the best thing. I can start afresh in the morning.

I have a couple of projects underway at the moment two sewing and one jewellery. i must admit the jewellery one has me most excited at the moment as I am learning new techniques. I have done a little sawing, soldering, filing and polishing just waiting for the next step. Picture will follow when its finished but it may be a few weeks away yet.  The sewing projects should be finished this week.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

New skills

Last week I started a new course to extend my skills and so far its everything I'd read about and wanted to have a go at.  Entitled  "Introduction to Jewellery making" it starts with metal working and progresses building on the basic skills. So far I have been using a jewellers saw, and had a go at soldering and pickling (much more fun than reading about it. Currently we are using copper or brass but later it will be silver (I'm looking forward to that).  Today I soldered a copper ring. Next week I get to finish it.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Finally Finished Cushions

 Well while I was waiting I decided to make a previous favourite of mine the red berries chainmaille bracelet then decided to make a pair of earrings to match. I'd forgotten how long it takes to thread each of the beads onto the silver plated links. Still I think the result is worth the effort. 

 At the bequest of my daughter I ordered some rather funky soft spikey balls  I then made them into earrings here's an example.