Wednesday, 23 December 2009

An early present.

I know I wasn't going to post again before Christmas but just couldnt resist adding the blog giveaway arrived today. I unwrapped it. Fantastic, I have some ideas of what I would like to make but I think I will wait a while and let the ideas develop. A big thank you to Marie.

Monday, 21 December 2009

A very pleasant evening

I took my tools, beads and some of my jewellery to a christmas meal. The company was excellent. Two people had some fun designing and making bracelets (I have to finish one off as I forgot my beading elastic) and as a bonus I sold a few of my makes as well.

This was a very impromtu party no time to setup before but didnt cause a problem but seemed to make it better as there was no pressure. I even found time to make a new memory wire bangle of semi-presious stone chips.

This was so quick and easy to make. Whereas the serviette rings on a previous post took hours because of the size and number of beads.

Tomorrow I have to finish one bracelet and the serviette rings (the decision was taken to add the flowers), then pack everything away, tidy up and start preparing my home for Christmas. No more jewellery making for at least a week.
I don't expect to write another blog before Christmas. So.............

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Almost finished

Well I finally got to work on the serviette rings. Six are done ready for the final touches. I want to know which looks better. I know these pictures are rubbish but the question of the moment is flower or no flower?

These are the images of all six serviette rings. They are most difficult to photograph. They look like a lot of springs but they are much better in real life.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Lazy day????

Started with going Christmas shopping. Thats the morning gone. Planned to go swimming but swimming pool not open and wont be open til after Christmas. Ended up food shopping. What a dull day.

No beading or making anything today. Just purchased a few more beads this evening cant wait for them to arrive. Just the thing to give me inspiration and make me complete those serviette rings.

Ooh nearly forgot I won a blog givaway, from Minky Magic at Vintage Inspired Accessories by Marie Zvezda Monro. A big thank you. I wonder if I will ever get to 50 followers.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Just had a few days rest

Ok I had a grumble about the last fair but a few days rest and relaxation works wonders. One last fair before Christmas but I can sit this one out as my friend is taking some of my pendants to sell with some of her jewellery.

These past few months have been quite a learning curve. How to display, what to take (do I need my tools?) and how long does it take to set up never mind the how do I get a stall in the first place. I need to plan next years strategy.

On a lighter note I may be showing some friends how to make jewellery on Monday which should be fun. Last time I was asked to show someone how to make a keyring with wirewrapped charms. the finished result was very good and she immediately attached it to her handbag zip and used it as a zip-pull, fantastic.

I have some serviette rings to finish now so I'll say bye for now.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Well the last christmas fair before christmas was a wash out. Didn't cover the cost of the stall but I did do a little better than most of the stall holders who didn't make any sales. I talked to the organisers and it had been well advertised and the weather was good just few people browsing.

I have a few gripes about this event
  1. It was top heavy with jewellery stalls although the styles were very different giving people plenty of choice.
  2. The layout of the stalls was not thought out properly people couldn't get down the aisles to see the goods and one man came in in a wheelchair and he just turned round and went out there was no way he could get around the room and pushchairs also had a similar problem.
  3. I understood it was a craft fair and as such I was dissapointed to see obviously bought in stock on some of the of stalls - admittedly they were in the majority not competing with the crafters.
I was a bit saddened that the first person packed up well before 1pm by the time 2pm arrived most of the other stallholders had decided to pack up. This event was supposed to go on til 4pm but by 2:30 the hall was empty. I must admit once the majority started to pack up it wasnt worth staying. I feel sorry for the people who came and found the event closed and for the possibly lost sales.

I shall chalk this one up to experience. Come the new year I'm going to sit down and work out a sales strategy. In the meantime I've put the shawl (see my blog 11/12/2009 for pictures) up for sale on a made to order basis and I'm keeping the one I've already made. It'll be great come the summer for those cool evenings.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Here's the pictures I promised

Pictures of stalls at Christmas fairs so far.

First Highbury Hall - heres my table all laid out ready it was a massive table which gave me a few problems but also made it difficult for buyers to see some of the jewellery.

Next Windsor - a slightly smaller than standard width table much easier for buyers to see the items but not as much room to display.

Now for my shawl. I know I said it would be a few weeks but I made good time and here it is. In a baby pink acrylic crepe. No problems with itching and a silky feel. I'm so pleased with the results.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Saturday Christmas Craft Fair

Hi, Just realised the event box on this site isn't working so here are the details of my next craft fair.

The Oakleigh Centre
Brettel Lane
Brierley Hill

Saturday 12th Dec 2009 10:00 - 16:00

Felt like a change

Well with all the christmas fairs and 1 still to go I felt like a change of craft. So I sorted out some wool (it was well hidden in the attic) from the days when I used to do a lot of knitted jumpers. Discovered my crochet needles. Took a look round the internet for good ideas, free patterns etc Found a great site this has loads of links to patterns quite a number free. Also there is an equivalent knitting pattern site. isn't the internet great for info. Anyhow I found the type of pattern I wanted and set to work. I decided on a shawl with a very open pattern very easy but using a large needle to achieve the desired effect is proving awkward and slow. Still its good to be crocheting again. Will publish a picture when I've finished the shawl. Be patient it might be weeks as were running up to christmas and theres lots to do including another christmas fair.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Update on Xmas fairs

Well 2nd Xmas fair completed. Fairly quiet but at least I covered the cost of the table and a bit more. I hit my target of selling 100% more than I did at the first one ( I sold 4 items this time). Hopefully the next fair should be better (thats me always hopeful). Still its getting late now so I'd better put the computer to bed now. ZZZZZZZZZZZ......