Wednesday, 14 April 2010

I'm looking for craft fairs

I've 2 craft fairs booked but not a lot else. If anyone knows of any school summer fetes or other events that are looking for stallholders. Please let me know I would be very interested

My first is on Saturday, 8th May at Dudley Cancer Support, The White House, Ednam Road, Dudley, DY1 1JX. Sounds like a fun day with a multi-period re-enactment.

The 2nd is on 22nd May will have to post the details later as Sue arranged this one and I haven't written the details down.

Oh by the way I've put the bracelets I made last week on the folksy
Copper Bracelets

Here are the earrings I decided to wear these myself to try out my hand made earhooks.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Secret Easter Bunny

I recieved a beautifully presented package containing a small bag inside which was a flannel, lavender & geranium exfoliating loofah soap, and a bar of lemongrass and lime soap, sent by Jane of Just Soaps The smells are wonderful.

My previous post was right I did decide to start on the jump rings. I had ordered 3.5mm ID (internal diameter) with a 1mm wire thickness. I wanted to use them to create a copper inverted roundmaille bracelet but the jump rings are just a fraction too small. The chainmaille came out so stiff it didn't have any flexibility. However, it made a beautiful byzantine chainmaille when it was long enough for a bracelet I stopped and realised that I hadn't got any copper clasps. One incomplete project. Next thought I would try a jens pind weave as this needs a small (ID) compared to the thickness of the wire. A little fiddly to start but the rings were the right size. Created two 1" (2.5cms) lengths of chain intending to make earrings. No earring hooks. Incomplete project number two.

All that was yesterday. This morning out came the books. I needed earring hooks and clasps. I had a small length of copper wire. Reading the how to is fine but actually having the courage to start is another matter.............

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Oh just remembered its Easter Sunday. I can open my Secret Bunny. So excited. Be back to tell all about it soon.


I've had a mixed week. The good well I've made another sale on Folksy and I've had a delivery of beads and stuff. The bad well my notebook has run out of power. I need to wait for a replacement power supply so accessing a computer is slow at the moment. Must say though I rang up the notebook support at medion. They were very efficient on the phone. They knew that my notebook was within warranty and immediately said they would send a new power supply but it would take around 10 days. Not happy its 10 days but at least theres nothing to pay.

Ok following on from the good news. Absolutely great beads, findings and jump rings. Plenty to play with not sure where to start. I think the jump rings are the first port of call and maybe try to make a chainmaille bracelet.