Monday, 24 May 2010

May Summer Madness Ridgewood High School

Well I feel I must praise the organisers of this fair. Big Banners to advertise on Islands and posters pointing the way were in place. The tables all numbers and spread out. They even ordered the weather (apparently it poured down last year) Atmosphere was good and the parents were out to support the school. This is only the second fair that I've done that I have covered all my expenses and made a profit. The only black cloud was that there was a clash of events. Mary Stevens Park was holding its Party in the Park at the same time and obviously they were a bigger attraction but when it was arranged there was no date set for the Party in the Park. Well done.

I can now make a couple more items. I am still looking for Craft or school fairs between now and 17th June Does anyone know of any looking for stallholders.

Friday, 21 May 2010

The Day Before Ridgewood

Today has started off well. I've had a swim, bought some Bizzy Lizzies, writing my blog now, and about to plan my day. I've got a list of things to get through. Starting with re-covering one of my display boards. Fed up with the red background have decided to go with black, I know black is boring but it provides a good plain background for displaying pendants, handbag charms etc. Next is checking my jewellery over to make sure I've got it all packed. Then pile everything I need for tomorrow downstairs so its easy to pack tomorrow (I could have packed some of the stuff today but I need to use the car later on and as it is a later start tomorrow its not a problem).

Later today I plan to do some gardening and get those Bizzy Lizzies in and some sunshine at the same time. Then sit and make some more chain.

Earlier this week I was pondering if there was a better way to sell the chainmaille. I have couple of copper bracelets on Folksy but although people are looking none have been tempted to buy.

Why not?
a) Is my pricing too low? - it is pure copper and each link has been woven by hand
even the clasp is handmade.
b) Does my description not give enough detail?
c) Are they too plain?
d) Is it that the right person hasn't looked yet?

Your comments would be appreciated.

The reason I'm asking these questions is that I enjoy weaving the links and have come up with other designs not bracelets (although they could be replicated as bracelets) but am being a little cautious and thinking there could be a better way or should I just put them out there on the web and see what happens.

Right must get on now talk again later.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Dudley Cancer support last Saturday

I enjoyed this craft fair. We were in a marquee everything was handmade. the re-enactors also had items for sale, leatherwork and badges. There were small animals from the Zoo and a facepainter plus a demonstration of weaving using a small handloom. Outside the re-enactors braved the weather (heavy rain and very cold) and set up their demonstration campsites . When the weather got too bad some came inside to demostrate and show their equipment. Great atmosphere and as a bonus Dudley Cancer Support made £362 so it was well worth braving the cold and helping them to put on a show.

Next fair 22nd May 11am - 3pm 'May Madness at Ridgewood' its a community fun day at Ridgewood High School, Park Road West, Wollaston, Stourbridge.

5 A-side football. Lions BBQ, Wood Turner, Kids Corner, The Bridge Radio, Museum on the Move, The Soapworks, Face Painting plus community stalls inc. Guides and Scouts plus refreshments. Sounds like theres going to be a lot going on

I'm going to try and order a sunny day Its time for summer to burst forth.

Monday, 3 May 2010

May Bank Holiday - Monday

Well the second day wasn't much better. I dressed appropriately and braved the weather for just 3 sales. When the sun shone people stayed and looked but as soon as the sun disappeared so did they (I don't blame them it was cold and windy and some were definitely not dressed to stand around outside).

On reflection 2 of those sales wouldn't have happened if I had been indoors but then maybe I would have had more sales indoors. I'll never know the answer. But having talked to those who had their stalls inside I think I did at least as well as they did.

There were plenty of people walking about and the car parks were full. Advertising for the event was poor but as lots of people coming to the garden centre and pet centre this was not a problem. My main critisisms of the site were the lack of signage on the site and the positioning of the fair. The low take up of stalls and those that didnt make it on the day meant that the event didn't attract or entice people to stay and look around.

The numbers of people visiting for the permanent shops on a normal weekend and its position on the main Wolverhampton to Bridgenorth Road gives it the potential for holding a large craft fair and with the right organisation the outcome could be very good.

So far my experience of craft fairs is not very positive. I hope the next one for Cancer Support in Dudley is better.

May Bank Holiday Sunday

The weather changed my plans I was going to a car boot, in an attempt to clear some of the stuff we have which is too good to just bin. The heavy rain the night before and a cold wind was just too much for me as my daughter and baby were going to help. I went to a craft fair instead. I had managed to book myself into one for Monday but knew it also ran on Sunday so rang up and they still had places. Maybe this was not such a good plan as takings didnt cover the costs but at least it was indoors and some people said they would be back today as more stalls would be there (only 4 stalls on Sunday).

As you can see this is Monday morning and I'm up and raring to go. Just hope lots of people turn up. Just a couple of bags to put in the car then off to collect my helpers. I'm going to be brave and stay outside today - unless it rains :-)

Oh by the way I'm at the Garden Village on the Bridgenorth Road. Theres a Garden centre, Restaurant, Cafe, toilets, Free Parking and lots of chalets selling all sorts of wonderfull things.