Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Steam Rally Shrewsbury - last weekend

Great weekend. the weather was kind (we were camping). The venue was exciting lots of things to do and see. Steam engines, fairground, trade stands, falconry displays, antique prams and bicycles, plenty of food and a very large craft tent. Wide variety of crafts displayed, some demonstrating. A very friendly crowd. Lots of people wandering through and some buying. Can't wait til next year a very well organised event.

I made this at the show. Ok I had already wired the beads but didnt know what I was going to do with them and popped them in my box of beads for later and forgotten them. Then at the show I was going through the bead boxes (after deciding that the demonstration I had planned wasn't suitable ) when I saw them at the show I decided to complete this and some of the other half started projects. I added some jump rings, attached them to a snake chain and heres the result.

I wasn't going to make any jewellery today but after tidying some beads my bead boxes were a bit mixed up after the show I saw the amethyst chips and I couldn't resist. The result 2 pairs of earrings similar but so different. All items are for sale in my shop

Sunday, 22 August 2010

New Design for Blog

Just been tinkering with the look of my blog. Is it an improvement?

The sun is shining and I'm hoping for great things at the next event on Sunday/Monday. I cant help it. I'm always optimistic. I've got my plan of action ready for this week to complete everything. All those half finished jobs will be completed and that doesn't just mean craft tasks.

Heres a rough outline.

Event preparation tasks.
Jewellery - finishing touches and display improvements.
Wall hangings - 3 to complete.
Decide and try what I want to demonstrate.
Gather camping gear as we will be camping for 2 nights

Where is this event I'm so excited about.

Steam Engines Rally at Onslow Park, Shrewsbury. 29th and 30th August

I've sat in a queue most years waiting to travel on through to Wales. It was always exciting watching those massive monsters of engines so alive and ponderous chugging along. I didnt realise they had a craft marquee but there is. I feel so lucky to be going.

Saturday, 14 August 2010


Success. Everythings coming together.

My site is now working under my domain www.blossom-crafts.co.uk. Hurrah.
Just finished wall papering a second room so can put my feet up for a few minutes before thinking about the craft events up-coming to prepare for.
I have a few Craft events booked over the next month to look forward to.

I will be at the Shrewsbury Steam Engine Rally August Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday.
I have confirmation that I am going tobe at the Black Country Boating Festival in September
More details to follow in later blogs.

Setting up my domain.

I was so excited at having bought my own domain and in anticipation published my web site on www.blossomcrafts.weebly.com fully expecting to have everything working on www.blossom-crafts.co.uk within 24 hours. Well 2 weeks on and I am no closer to doing this. I have tried to get this changed over and over again and am currently (and have been for the past week) in discussions with the help team but I am getting more and more frustrated. To top it all yesterday I found that a web page is now showing on www.blossom-crafts.co.uk that has nothing to do with me. So 2 emails sent one to the registrars and one to the tech team.

So please continue to visit www.blossomcrafts.weebly.com I will blog again when the site name changes.

Enough of the web back to crafts.

I seem to have been making earrings lately don't know why but they seem to be top of my list. And to brighten this blog here are some pictures.

The bracelet pictured above has been a long time in making. I had an idea of a string of pearls with the 3 strands of bugle beads twisting in and out but I couldn't get it to lie right. So I undid it and re-stung in a totally different way and this was the result - which I am very pleased with.

I have put a few of these items on my web site

Monday, 9 August 2010

Quiet times

Just chilling a bit between jobs. Finished wallpapering a bedroom last week. I am always surprised at the end result, clean fresh and so different from before. Another room being prepared. Read a couple of books. And went swimming.

On the craft front though I'm just waiting for the next craft event but thats not till the end of August. I've been toying with presentation ideas. I would like to be able to make the setup quicker and more professional. So have been trying to make some boxes to showcase idividual items. Preparing the material to make some simple bags. Presentation seem to be a very difficult thing in my case it seems to be changing each time. Maybe this is all part of a learning curve of which I am at the start.

I have a new challenge at the next event. I decided to have a demonstration table. So now I have to decide what to demonstrate. At the moment I am thinking of demonstarating chainmaille jewellery.