Monday, 29 March 2010

Should have posted before now.

Appologies to my loyal followers I have been very lazy and not updated my blog for so long now. I have been very been spending a lot of time visiting my new grandson, planting seeds  enjoying the spring weather that I didnt have time to blog.

Just returned home after a couple of days away to recoup and somehow missed the time change for BST. Very confused last night. Thought there had been a power cut as everything was an hour different from tele or the computer but that wasnt right as usually I have to set everything after a power cut. Then this morning the penny finally dropped. lol.

Right thats enough of me wittering on. Back to what I like doing best at the moment JEWELLERY. I've had quite a good run at making new items. In one morning I made 6 bracelets. Then another morning 6 pairs of earrings.  Why is it some mornings everything just flows and other times nothing works?

Here are a few. I have had the millefiori beads for quite a while not knowing what to do with them and suddenly I had this idea of earrings. Very simple but also very Easterish. The green are simple wire-wrapped loops as these were oval but the blue on the right I made spring bails for the egg shaped beads. The centre blue beads are very pretty but quite large again I couldn't work out what to do with them but when I saw the tiny blue millefiori beads the penny dropped and these very pretty earrings emerged.

Oh I forgot to mention I had my first sale last week on folksy and what a thrill it was. I cant believe it has finally happened. An internet sale. Just the ticket to encourage me add a few more items. So I have added some of the recent items to my folksy shop

I've now run out of earhooks and other findings so will have to go shopping now.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Great morning.

Well after success at the weekend I had a renewed vigour this morning. The sun is shining and its a beautiful morning just right to see the beads sparkle. I settled down to make some earrings.
Fantastic mornings work 3 pairs of earrings and a pendant.

After all that excitement I now feel very tired. The weekend is catching up with me I think its time for a nap (if only).

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Well after all my worries about not having enough jewellery etc. I had a great time at this weekends craft fayre. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, and best of all customers. Its so exciting seeing the items you have created being bought by others and receiving comments about your work. I cant wait for the next one. :-)

A big thank you to my friends and family who have given me so much support. They put up with my lack of confidence and keep me company / help to sell at the craft fayres.

Sorry forgot my camera so no pictures this time.

While I was waiting for the craft fayre to openon Sunday morning I decided to make a pair of earrings to replace a pair that I put away in a very safe place??? I wanted to make them almost identical but after creating the queens weave chainmaille drop I discovered that the jump rings I was using were thicker than the hole in the beads. So I fashioned a triangular pendant clasp out of craft wire to attach the bead to the chainmaile. Heres the result.

The intention was that I would wear these, but the red leaf beads didn't go with my outfit lol.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Time Flies

I've been neglecting my blog. Sorry. I've been more than a little distracted recently by the arrival of my first Grandchild. Mother and baby are doing well. And now, here are the pictures I promised of the items I made over Christmas. Unusual for me I sat and hand knitted this hat, matinee jacket, bootees, and mittens.
I found the patterns on each item was found on a different link so I had to make changes to co-ordinate the set. Also I didn't know that you could knit a jacket from the neck down and in one piece. That was fun. So when I looked at the pattern for the hat (which was written from the bottom up as normal) I decided to knit that from the top down as well much easier.

Not so long ago I was worried about creating enough jewellery for a 2 day craft fayre. Between then and now, I have made quite a few new pieces of jewellery as well as a couple of scarves and sets of glass mats (I felt like a change of craft). Well the day approaches and I still don't feel I'm ready. So to give me more confidence, today, I put some of my jewellery out on a table to see what sort of display it would make. Wonders, I have enough to more than cover my table and plenty over to fill any spaces (assuming sales) and the table looks good especially when the sun shines. I'll hope for a sunny day or very good lighting.

Tomorrow I'll be getting the display boards ready then packing everything away ready for Saturday. And this is where I'll be:

Spring Craft Market,
Red House Glass Cone
West Midlands

6th & 7th March 11:00am - 4:00pm
Free Admission

A range of stalls including work by local designers and artists, plus children's craft activities, glass making demonstrations and open studios.