Saturday, 31 July 2010

Reset Site to

I've managed to reset the site back to for tonight and try again tomorrow to set it up for my domain.

Oh the unexpected problems. hopefully it will work tommorrow.

While we wait

In the meantime here are a few of my latest pieces of work.

Sorry all. I tried transfering my web site on the previous post to the one above. But it may take up to 48hrs to appear so after all my excitement at having a web site I appear to have broken it. Will post again when its all sorted.

So excited, I've just published my freeby web site with Very easy to construct the site all the items are drag and drop. I have been toying with it for a while now but as it neared completion I began to hiver and hover, then debated about buying my own domain. The one I wanted had gone but I had a brain wave (just one) typed in the new name, it was available, fantastic, plucked up the courage and bought it only to find I can't use it immediately. So while I wait I decided as the saying goes publish and be damned and clicked the button.

Now I have to put my feet back on the ground. I have two rooms stripped for re-decorating. The one I have chosen the wallpaper for cannot be done as the floor is being replaced. The other is almost ready to paper but I can't decide which wallpaper to go for so its another trip to the shops.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Busy Days

No craft work just preparing walls for wallpapering and a tidy up in the craft room. Been a bit lazy recently not putting things away after an event. Something to do with being a little fed up with everything. I have a list of things to get through by the weekend. Bet I dont get them all done but I'm going to try.

Heres the list get the wallpaper for two rooms.
Start entering invoices (the tax man cometh).
Make Bags for next fair.
Fill in event forms ( I have 2 in the offing).
Check out Bracelet boxes.
Oh and most importantly take pictures of jewellery for records and new website.
See if theres time to complete my web site for launch at the weekend. If not then the week after.

I think thats enough to be going on with.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

After the event

I packed my stuff away at home put my feet up and tried to decide my future strategy this may be a bit soon but I need to think ahead to next year. I've tried a few school fetes, a few community centres, and the Red House Glass cone. Generally the community centres come bottom of the takings. School fetes have been much better but best of all have been the 2 day events. I'm also thinking that maybe its too soon to rule out any event as its a selling and advertising opportunity.

I have decided that there is too much competition out there for jewellery but as I enjoy making it I think this will continue to feature on my stall but I am going to try a few other ideas and see what happens. Besides its good to have a change or learn new tricks. Lets see what happens.

Saturday at the community Centre

Well, all setup and waiting for customers. (not me in the picture I'm the one behind the camera). Talked to a few stallholders. Waited for customers.....talked some more to stallholders......ooh some potential customers (2) walked in everyone to attention. Oooo a sale also some other lucky stallholders made sales. They've gone now....get to talk some more, made a few earrings, ate my lunch. Its only 11.30. A few more people walked round. 12.30 The cake stall has decided to offer all the stallholders a free slice of cake so they don't have to take it all home. 1.30 one stall holder has decided to call it a day so the raffle is held at 2 before they finished packing up. Its so quiet occasionally someone pops their head round but its usually someone checking on one of the stallholders. By the end all the stallholders were just chatting so when one gentleman came round and bought an item from most of the stalls you can imagine how pleased they felt at having made even one sale on such a quiet day. By 3.30 everyone had gone home.

Thanks everyone for making it a very enjoyable day. Hope to meet you all again at another fair hopefully one where the footfall is greater.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Last minute craft fair booking

Having come back from holiday a little early I was so pleased to find that a local craft fair still had places So on Saturday I'm off to Quinborne Community Centre for their Craft and Vintage Fair in Ridgacre Road Quinton. Its open from 10am til 4pm. If anyone is near there on Saturday please pop in I hear its always popular. I have attached an image of their flyer its eye catching.

Saturday, 10 July 2010


Finally I remembered my camera so some pictures of the craft fair at Barton-Under -Needwood. This was a very pretty location. The day was sunny with a light breeze. And as a bonus there were lots of people browsing and some buying. One stall in particular was doing very well selling Pandora style beads bracelets and necklaces and customers created their own look. I did fairly well covered my expenses so would be happy to sell here again.

Well I've been on holiday camping since then so it seems a long time ago. We went to York to try out a new tent. Then on up to Edinburgh pleanty of places to see. And as a bonus the sun shone this year so we had a relaxing time. We then decided to skip the planned visit to mid Scotland around Canniche and go straight to Skye (not sure if this was the best idea given that it was cloudy when we arrived and it was a little breezy. However we pitched the tent and set up camp. But over night the wind became a little more persistent as did the rain. The tent collapsed so we went home. Heres a picture of the tent before we packed it away. (Packing it away took a little time)