Thursday, 16 September 2010

Quiet time

I dont know how but I seem to have a gap between events til mid-November. So I think I am going to use the time to add new items to my web site over the next few weeks and try to get more organised (catch up on the paperwork) it has to be done. I dont think I need to make any more jewellery at the moment, that doent mean I wont be making any.

I have some sterling silver bits and pieces I bought before the Steam Rally and didnt use them. I really want to make some sterling silver items but I'm unsure about this move. I almost feel its too soon and I should continue experimenting to find my niche.

Are there any evening events going on around the West Midlands or Worcestershire?

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Black Country Boating Festival

Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. Lots of people but again not too many people spending. Still covered my expenses and it was a couple of days out. Lots of work putting up the marquee and setting up but so good to have your own space to set out. More space all round a bit like having your own shop. I hope the business cards and jewellery party leaflets bring some response I'd love to do another jewellery party.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Display issues

The amount of space taken up by all the items needed to display and sell the products is enormous when compared to the two small boxes of jewellery I take to a craft event.

To go out and set up a stall you need a cloth cover and packaging as a minimum. but then you add boards, earring display racks, bracelet display racks, maybe signage and on it grows as you add more and more in the attempt to sell enough to cover expenses and the stall fee.

Home made card boxes (they take a long time to make) are being used for display and packaging while I work out the best sizes etc. Small home made bags for packaging and tissue paper

I feel I am still very much at the trial and error stage with my stall and venues. Each time I go to an event my display changes. My ideal would be a quick to setup and pack away display so I trawled the internet looking for display ideas. Here's a link to one site. Some are expensive others are cheap some are bulky ( I only have a small car).

So before the Shropshire Steam Rally I made some boxes as a trial for displaying my bookmarks. This seemed to work as they attracted more attention and I actually sold one for the first time. So I also made some boxes as packaging for the earrings, these also went down well. So I have been thinking up ideas for displaying the items better. I searched the internet and there are some great ideas but not all are easy to put into practice.

Busy Busy Busy

Not had much time for blogging. Been preparing for another 2 day event. I'm at The Black Country Boating Festival at Bumble Hole this weekend for both days. Should be fun. Hope to see you all there.

While tidying out a room the other week I came across a red letter box. This is now a bracelet display box with the help of some foam from some new taps.