Thursday, 24 November 2011

Last craft fair for this year on the horizon

I've  only one more craft fair before Christmas so I hope its a good one. For all you out there I'm at Highbury Hall in Birmingham on Sunday. Its free entry and open from 11 til 4pm. Hope to see you there. Right thats the ad over.

Display at craft fairs is always a problem. Each one is different. The size of the table, the lighting the position (is there a wall at the back that you can use, are you in the corner etc.) How do you deal with this? I'm slowly getting a display that can be adapted to most positions as long as the light is good.

I have been concentrating on my earrings display as I seem to make more earrings than anything else. I currently have around 100 pairs. Too many pairs to hang on a tree or bought display also people did not seem to look the earrings on the display. Putting each pair out individually and making sure they match takes far too long but sales were good. So I tried a card system but this took up too much room. I tried netting a notice boards but the earrings did not stand out against the netting even though there was a solid black background . Now I am trialling a system of trellissing and earring cards. Much quicker to put out and put away but also does not seem to have a detrimental effect on sales. Even on this very bad picture the display stands out. What do you think?

Friday, 18 November 2011

Computers - can't live without them?

I was updating my web site for the first time in months when I realised I had again been neglecting my blog.

I can site all sorts of reasons for not doing so, but I'm not going to bore you with everything thats gone wrong or excuses for not blogging. Its beeen a great summer, lots to do, craft fairs, holidays, days out, a wedding in the family, seeing friends.

Computers aren't they a pain but we can't seem to live without them. About a month ago the computers in my house decided to go on strike and being me I just love a challenge so decided to try to fix it myself. The laptop had an intermittent problem but the PC seemed terminal. So starting with the PC. It looked like a hard disk failure but after checking all the connections (multiple times) even trying a windows repair from the installation CD. I was just about to give up and start looking for all the bits I'd need to upgrade my ancient PC (around 10 years old and built by me) when I took another look inside the box to recheck everything when I spotted that one of the memory cards looked as though it wasn't clipped in properly. Its worked perfectly since then. The laptop however does now look terminal.

I also had a bit of luck I was given one that had been discarded (was on its way to the tip but was about 5 years newer than mine) so disks in hand and no passwords I went to work. It took 3 days to reinstall and add all the updates, applications and set it up to use. Fantastic it is so much quicker.

At home I'm the one that gets the job of troubleshooting any computer related issues whether hardware or software (PC Network or Applications). I'm thinking of going into business offering to troubleshoot any computer related issues. Prices on Application. :-)

I have replaced my laptop with a brand new model. Hence the renewed interest in web site and blogger. I was so tired of waiting for sites, pictures everything to load. It was taking an hour to make minor changes.