Friday, 25 February 2011

Spring is on its way.

Well I've been very quiet waiting for spring and new enthusiasm. The cold days of winter were not very inspiring but as spring is coming I am starting to wake up. Here's what I have been up to.

No surprise here I lost my enthusiam for making anything. I had a little moan about it on the crafts forum these guys are so helpful there is always someone with some good advice. You are never alone when you need help there is always someone ready to help. But what really turned the corner for me were two things. I spotted some wool and I decided to make a macrame owl. This is the picture straight after I finished him.

He looks a lot better now I've pressed him but for a first attempt I was so pleased.

I made a scarf out of the ribbon wool I bought. sorry no picture.

But now I've been buying beads, wire and findings, a sure sign that I am ready to make a lot more jewellery which is just as well as I've also booked a number of craft fairs over the next few months. Please go to the events page on my web site for upto-date information. Heres hoping for a much better year than last.

Also WOW thank you is an online shop of shops for buying all sorts of handmade goods all made by people like me who enjoy making things. (I have a little shop on here 'Blossom Crafts' what else) They have been online for around 12 months now but will be launching their updated site in the next few days so please take a look over the next few weeks and check out whats going on you might find the ideal gift